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We can handle new and existing facilities.
Conventional masking services mainly use air conditioning sound, but
we provide a neutral relaxing space by utilizing and designing various
environmental sounds, which contributes to improving work efficiency
and preventing information leakage.

​ Auditory masking sound to prepare the environment


​Prevents conversation interference and noise with fewer sounds​

Realizing masking and comfort with focus on sound quality​

​Special acoustic tuning for the environment

​auditory masking sound characteristics
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① Create similar sounds that mimic the sound of objects

By creating a simulated sound like the target sound to be masked and
playing it in the target space, it becomes difficult to distinguish
between real and fake sounds, resulting in "psychological masking,"
or the effect of making the target sound less noticeable.
Case study XYMAX corporation

​② Use a familiar sound

If the surrounding environment of the target space is a road, by
playing a sound like traffic noise inside a building, it is possible to
create such an environment where people will not feel uncomfortable
with the change in environment and will naturally become less
concerned about the noise of the target.
Case study JR Share Office (Number of complaints halved)

​Logic of soundproofing and sound insulation

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Noise does not make itself noisy.
High sound insulation makes a sound and background music noisier.
Excessive silence can sometimes reduce work efficiency....

If this is the case, then using sounds that can be generated in a particular place or in a noisy environment can make noises less "noisy".
This is the logic behind our masking.

*It has been scientifically and historically proven that "a moderately noisy environment" is pleasant.


​ *Since the original purpose of the masking sound is to experience it in space, we would appreciate it if you could just ignore the content here.

​Use scene of the same service

聴景マスキング音_利用シーン_アートボード 1_edited.jpg
​Those who want an environment that improves the atmosphere of cafes and lounges and improves employee satisfaction​
​ Those who want an environment that improves productivity and fulfillment while masking conversation sounds and sounds in the office
​Those who want a productive discussion environment and prevent leakage of conversation in the conference room​

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