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Chōkei design

​Total coordination of the environment

Participating from the design stage, we plan and produce acoustic design, selection of acoustic equipment, and sound production necessary for creating an environment from layout.

Since we are collaborating with an acoustic manufacturer, we can also request acoustic construction.

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Conventional distribution service Original BGM production andWhat's the difference


​ Sound content production

music service so farThere is a themeThe content provided and produced by the company accounted for the majority.



Low sound quality due to poor compatibility with speakers, volume that does not consider the environment, content with many subjective elementsThe provision of this created a space with low comfort.

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user's point of view

​ Sound content production

​Aural design begins with the user's point of view.

What kind of spatial experience do you want to offer, target demographics, usage by time of day, feeling when visiting, positional relationship between audio equipment and interior, how to spend timeSuch

We design the optimal sound environment while hearing from the user's point of view.



The one and only with high comfort and satisfaction

​ can provide a spatial experience.

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​work flow


​Quotation details


1-15-12 Kanda, Chiyoda-ku 


The transmission is complete.

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