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Our “Office Sound Design" service that defies conventional wisdom is
here to provide you with an "inspiring" time.



poor environment

Standard environment

high quality environment

​state with issue

Auditory design flow

​acoustic survey

​Proposal for acoustic measures

​auditory acoustic design

​auditory sound suggestions

Investigate reverberation time and noise level from drawings

​Calculation of reverberation time and noise level

Proposals for acoustic countermeasures, sound absorbing materials, etc.

​Layout design of audio equipment

​Suggestions and production plans for listening sound​

​Field adjustment

​Acoustic survey after completion of construction and adjustment of auditory sound

​Field adjustment

​Acoustic survey after completion (measurement of reverberation time and noise level)

​After follow

・Post-operation consulting

·Effect measurement

・ ​ Advice on overseas launch operations, etc.

​After follow





for public space資料1.png


for public space資料1.png

​Use scene of the same service

利用シーン_アートボード 1.jpg

Those who aim for the environment

​Those who want to improve the atmosphere of the cafe/lounge space​

Noise in meeting rooms, offices, etc.
​Those considering masking and acoustic measures

​Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Is it possible to propose acoustic countermeasures?
A : If the design company has not yet prepared a countermeasure plan, we can make a proposal.
Alternatively, you can investigate the countermeasures that have been prepared.

Q : Is the research work only reporting?
A : We will calculate the expected sound environment based on the drawing information and the patterns with and without acoustic countermeasures.
​At that time, we will submit not only numerical values but also materials that point out possible problems and propose countermeasures as necessary.

Q: How much does it cost?
A : The cost varies according to the number of square meters and the number of spaces to be surveyed.

​For a detailed quote, please contact us below.

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1-15-12 Kanda, Chiyoda-ku Sato Building

​+81 03-4446-6637


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