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shared office


After approving the estimate, we will propose specific details such as sound absorbing materials and sound masking.

​If new, ask a contractor to install the equipment
​Adjust the sound so that (2) works on site


Investigate and make corrections using questionnaires, etc. to see if the listening design is functioning so as to lead to profits

If you are involved from the design stage
​acoustic survey, detect cause of problems during operation

​ Detected the cause of the problem

​Sound problems in shared offices may lead to a lower repeat rate.
​In the case of Tokyo, on-site investigation, in the Kanto area and other areas, after detecting the cause and conducting interviews on the web, ​Based on the investigation results Create countermeasures and estimates.



​sound masking sound suggestions

​ Our own masking sounds (natural sounds and music)From ​, we will propose content suitable for improvement and arrange it.
​You may be required to purchase audio equipment if necessary.


設計段階_オフィス聴景のサービスの流れ_アートボード 1-03.png

​On-site acoustic adjustment

We will adjust the created content while looking at the site environment.
Work is assumed to be done outside business hours or when there are few users.


設計段階_オフィス聴景のサービスの流れ_アートボード 1-04.png

​After follow

Check with the user whether the introduced masking sound is working and collect data.
​The data acquisition method varies depending on the site, so please consult us.


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