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Office auditory (sound environment) design


Based on the survey results of ​(1), we created survey materials and proposed sound environment designs for each area.

Verification of the acoustic survey again in the office after construction
​ Submission of investigation report


​ Suggestions for improvement of problems related to "sound"

After design plan quotation approval
​ Received the drawing and investigated the sound environment

After approving the estimate for this service, we will send floor plans and interior information to
​ and we will investigate.

​Please submit a document that shows the dimensions of each room to be surveyed.




Creation and proposal of survey result materials
​Reverberation time measurement, noise level measurement, sound insulation performance measurement
​Convert the survey results into materials using the diagrams and modeling on the left.

Based on the furniture in each room, the reverberation time when people are staying, the distance from the noise source and the attenuation value, and the noise level, create 3D modeling as shown in the third document and see the sound environment that can be assumed.

While comparing this material with the acoustic measures desired by the client,
​We propose the optimal sound environment.



Re-survey after completion
​After the office is completed, we will enter the site and re-investigate whether there are any numerical problems.

​ In the case of sound absorbing material, check whether the specified number of sheets clears the reverberation time, etc., and in the case of sound masking, check whether the masking is actually functioning.

If there is a problem, we will promptly cooperate with the construction / design team and take countermeasures.

​* Plan A ends here.

​Reverberation time formula
​ noise level
3D modeling


​After follow
​ We will deal with sound problems and masking sounds that occur after the office is in operation. ​


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