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Team of Kamiyama Hearing Office Co., Ltd.

Q1: From what stage can I get your company involved?

A: It is possible to make a proposal from the basic design or detailed design stage.
however,A work fee will be charged even if we make a proposal for sound design in advance (positioning of speakers, selection of sound equipment).
note that.

Q2: I have never worked with such a design company, and I have not prepared a contract.

A: Yes. We have prepared a contract template for this service.

Q3: I would like to use the sound that was made at another site, what should I do?

A: If it is an existing facility, it should be equipped with audio equipment, so you can operate it with that system.
​ However,Available only within the scope of the contract. If you use it outside the range, you will be charged separately.
​Also, in the case of new facilities, it is possible to coordinate at a fee other than sound production.

Q4: It is difficult to come up with an expected budget, but I would like to make a request.

A: Please let us know the approximate budget scale that you can provide.
The price of the semi-coordinated plan is easier to introduce than the normal listening design.
​For more information,[Semi-coordinated] Audition designPlease confirm.

About ​office sound design

​Q5: Is it possible to create original content?

A: Yes. However, a content production fee will be added.

Q6: Is it possible to use additional content?

A: Yes, but since on-site adjustments are required when adding content, ¥800 will be added to the monthly usage fee for each additional content.

Q7: Is it possible to cancel in the middle of use?

A: It is possible, but we will ask you to use the content only for at least one year. In the coordination plan, the total amount is paid in 5 years, so even if the contract is canceled in the middle of the contract period, the usage fee will not be refunded. Please note.


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