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Mechanism that reduces the comfort of soundproofing and sound insulation

Parallel Lines

Mechanism of comfort reduction

Why do we still feel discomfort despite the stylish interior, open
space, and even more sound masking? This is largely due to the
following three reasons.



Placement and selection of acoustic equipment

Acoustic equipment placement and equipment selection without
consideration of layout

From the layout, it is necessary to consider where and what kind of
sound you want to play and what kind of spatial experience you want
the users to have. Without this consideration, equipment may be in
unnecessary places, or models that do not take spatial characteristics
into account may prevent good content from being utilized properly.



Low quality sound content and production

The development of melodies and songs can make users feel "bored" or "bored" and lead to a decrease in comfort.
In addition, there are many cases where the same content played in supermarkets is also used in office spaces, which can lead to a loss of motivation as well as a loss of branding of the space.
Existing content is not designed for a particular space in the first place.
The key to creating a comfortable environment is to prepare from scratch, creating the most appropriate sound content for that location.



Acoustical Adjustment

Beware of acoustic adjustments that do not take the environment into

Have you ever had an experience where the interior is nice, but you
feel fatigued?
Environmental comfort is largely linked to sound.

There are many cases where certain parts of the used sound have
reduced the masking effect or caused a noisy environment.
To create a comfortable environment, it is important to take spatial
characteristics into consideration and adjust acoustics accordingly.

Improvement Measures

Thinking from the user's point of view reveals the necessary content, staging, and sound design

It is necessary to imagine what kind of experience those who use the space are looking for, and to consider content selection, production,
and time of day from an objective point of view.
This perspective is a critical element for a long-lasting space and is
the basis of office sound design.
Our strength is not fire sale, but to design for the environment.

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