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Hearing design for soundproofing and sound insulation | Kamiyama Choukei Office

​Why is the sound carelessly treated when the interior is particular?


This question was the beginning of the auditory design.

In the history of mankind, the creation of spaces that consider the sound environment has been practiced since before Christ, and in Japan, we have devised ways to consider sound in all spaces, including Japanese gardens.

​ Continuously enjoying the “secret pleasure” of the sound environment can create a memorable spatial experience.


​We will rename this concept, which is being lost, to “auditory design” and create a memorable space together with everyone.

Examples of soundproofing and insulation

​Points Of Soundscape Design

A space that considers the sound environment gives people hope, peace, and vitality, and allows them to spend a rich time.

The environment does not exist without sound.

Therefore, what kind of space experience you want to have is to create an environment from the viewpoint of sound, that is the auditory view design.

​Sound production of outdoor plaza

公園 [更新済み]_edited.png

​ Office acoustic measures


Sound production for commercial facilities

モール [更新済み]_edited.png

Acoustic measures and production for restaurants




​why choose soundscape design

​ Reduce the burden on clients with total production

スクリーンショット 2023-10-22 18.19.01.png

We will participate in the industry's first plan from an early stage and design the environment from both hardware and software.
In the current situation of the industry where sound and sound producers are separate, we have realized the ease of requesting through total coordination, and our strength is in providing a wealth of content that matches the environment.

​ Changes after introduction of hearing design


東日本旅客鉄道株式会社 事業創造本部 中島 悠輝

​​支援内容:STATION DESK東京丸の内音響改善

STATION DESK東京丸の内は50m²ほどの空間に半個室や電話ブース等16席を配置した空間になっています。




利用者の評判も非常に良いです。ヘビーユーザーの方はその変化をいち早く感じ取っていただき、従前に比べ て仕事が捗ったという声や、スタイリッシュでカッコいい音になったという音楽自体に対するポジティブな感想もいただいています。



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