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Beautiful acoustics in the office

Sound environment design service tailored to the space

Turning your office into an environment where you can concentrate

Identifying the conditions for concentration and designing the optimal listening environment

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Making the lounge a relaxing environment

A relaxed and comfortable auditory design that enhances satisfaction

Creating a branded and spacious reception and waiting room environment

The sound design of the reception area, which is the face of the company, and the auditory scenery design that eases the tension of visitors waiting in the waiting room

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Positive impact on the office environment

A spatial experience that penetrates the soul

Cost performance and environment

Consideration for

With a sound environment customized to the space,

Creating spatial experiences that enrich the senses.

Increased productivity, reduced stress, etc.

It is cheaper than physical acoustic measures,

Acoustic design that takes the working environment into consideration.

Recommended speaker: BS-O

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1. Amorphous structure for clearer sound quality

2. Stereo playback for improved sound effects

3. Surround function to improve masking accuracy

Comparison of experience effects


*Graph based on survey results conducted at a certain shared office


User testimonials

Company name: Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. Project: Development of an office space that allows for high concentration - Sound environment in a new office space -

Sound issues before implementation

In today's office work, online conferences at desks have become commonplace, and workers are increasingly calling for a "quiet, focused environment."

We decided to create an office environment that allows for highly concentrated work in a short period of time within a limited office space.
However, we thought that silence and masking sounds alone might actually hinder concentration, so while searching around for various environmental sound providers, we came across Kamiyama Chokei Office and discovered their approach of "producing office environmental music that helps people concentrate better."

Kamiyama created music that would help people concentrate and match the new office space, and we had it adjusted on-site. Combined with visual information such as brightness, color adjustment, screen monitors, and greenery, and tactile information such as ergonomic chairs, we were able to create an unprecedented concentration environment in our office.

Impressions after installation
Personally, I am happy to have created music that helps me concentrate deeply.
We have received several comments saying, "I am able to concentrate better in a sound environment like never before."
Of course, each person has their own preferences, so we don't think this will appeal to everyone, but we plan to continue improving the sound environment in our office space.

Service flow

In order for spatial music to function properly, we recommend implementing post-production verification and revision services for the content.

We will spend approximately one to three months after the facility opens to improve our design system.



Content Suggestions

Acoustic Design

Content Creation

Effect verification

delivery of materials

Three months

1 to 3 months

Design levels according to purpose

We offer a comfortable space experience tailored to your needs .

The traditional problem of sound leakage can be solved by masking +alpha, improving not only performance but also comfort, contributing to further environmental improvements.


Sound Masking

Special purpose sound environments

Sound environment for concentration and relaxation


Q1: At what stage should I consider introducing it?

A: In order for the auditory sound to function properly, it is preferable for us to be involved from the basic design stage onwards. If the acoustic design has already been completed by another company and you are consulting us only about the sound, please let us know the specifications in detail.

Q2: How effective is audio design?

A: Because this is an experimental initiative, it may take longer to feel the effects than with other services that have immediate effects. It also depends on the implementation environment.

Q3: How much does it cost to implement?

A: Prices vary depending on the spatial scale and number of items to be implemented.

Q4: Can I receive this service for facilities that already have audio equipment installed or are open?

A: Yes. However, if we check the installed audio equipment and determine that it does not function properly with our content, we may ask you to add additional audio equipment.


1-15-12 Kanda, Chiyoda-ku Sato Building


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