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Parallel Lines

​What is hearing

Despite the stylish interior, open space, and sound masking, for some reason it doesn't feel comfortable.

This is mainly due to the following three reasons.



​Audio equipment placement and equipment selection without considering layout

​ You need to think about where and what kind of sound you want to make from the layout and what kind of spatial experience you want the user to have. If this is not taken into account, devices may be placed in unnecessary places, or devices that do not consider spatial characteristics may not be able to effectively utilize good content.


​Low quality sound content and direction

The development of melodies and songs may make users feel "bored" or "persistent" and lead to a decrease in comfort.

In addition, there are many examples of content that is used in supermarkets, etc., being used in office spaces as it is, which can lead to a decrease in motivation as well as a collapse of the branding of the space.

the existing contentIt wasn't made with that space in mind in the first place..

​Preparing the best sound content for the place from scratch is the key to creating a comfortable environment.



​Acoustic adjustment without considering the environment

Have you ever experienced a feeling of exhaustion even though the interior is nice?

The comfort of the environment is greatly related to the reverberation of sound. ​

There are many cases where the masking effect is lowered or the environment is noisy due to the part of the sound used.

​In order to create a comfortable environment, it is important to consider the spatial characteristics when adjusting the acoustics.


​Thinking from the user's point of view reveals the necessary content, production, and sound design


We have to imagine what kind of experience the people who use the place want in the space, and from an objective point of view, we have to think about content selection, production, and presentation according to the time of day. ​

This perspective is a necessary element for a space that will be loved for a long time, and is the basis of office sound design.

​ Our strength is not a throwaway sale, but a design that is close to you.

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